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Gerry Coe Music & Entertainment Gerry Coe Music & Entertainment


Gerry Coe - Solo Act

Super Bowl party with the Budweiser girls!

Gerry Coe - Latin Music

Gerry Coe with the legendary Calypsoian and panman Jules George

Gerry Coe playing with his band Incognito at the Ocean Reef Club

Who is Gerry Coe?

A native Miamian, Gerry started playing guitar at the age of 9, and has played professionally for over three decades. He studied under world-renowned jazz guitar instructor Professor Vincent Bredice. Guitarists Carlos Santana and George Benson are among his main influences. Over the years, Gerry has played and recorded with numerous groups and recording artists. He gained experience as band leader for Raphael Munnings, the writer/producer and singer of the 10 million seller hit “Funky Nassau”. Gerry played with the group “Notorious Miami” alongside the great Blues guitarist Roach Thompson. As a regular recording session guitarist for T.K. productions, Gerry gained the experience to establish himself as an accomplished studio musician, doing sessions for many producers there including the legendary Steve Alaimo. His musical career has taken him throughout the U.S., Caribbean and Europe. His musical experience spans a wide range of musical styles from jazz, pop and standards to R&B, top 40 and rock. Although Gerry plays a variety of different guitars, the Les Paul Custom and the Casio MIDI guitar synthesizer are his favorites.

Gerry performs with various groups of his own, from his extensive “one-man band” MIDI setup to various larger acts. Gerry is also one of the most sought after guitarists in South Florida by other artists, both in the studio and on the stage.

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